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Images of the landscape -- frozen moments in time -- captured on film or digital sensor,  and featured here for your viewing and enjoyment.  Come with me now as we tour the beautiful state of "Almost Heaven" West Virginia, from remote wilderness waterfalls and mountain vistas, to the scenes that you may pass by each day unaware of simply because we, in our too-busy lives, just don't take the time to see.

So relax and, as you view these images, imagine that you can smell the crisp, clean air of an early morning along a mountain stream, hear the tranquil gurgling of a small waterfall, or feel the invigorating coolness of an autumn day.

Our Tour

We appropriately begin our tour with the images of Spring, the season of new beginnings and rebirth.  Then, on to the images of Summer, with rich, saturated greens and hazy mornings.  Next, we will tour the Mountain State during the popular Fall season, and enjoy the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows of the autumn foliage -- rivaling anything New England has to offer.  Then, on to the quiet solitude inherent in the images of Winter.

Other pages explore the Magic Light of those fleeting moments at dawn and dusk when the landscape takes on a surreal appearance, look at Intimate landscapes, showcase some popular West Virginia Landmarks, and review a few of my favorite Published Images.  The Aesthetics page considers some of the more intangible aspects of photography.

Because I receive so many equipment-related questions, the Technical page lists the equipment that I use, along with some basic recommendations.  To Order Prints, Biography, and Links pages are self-explanatory.  News contains information on upcoming shows or exhibits.


One cannot have such an intimate relationship with nature and the landscape without developing an enhanced appreciation for The One who created it all.  The Faith page examines the metaphysical aspects of reality and the nature of our existence.

Terms of Use

I am delighted to be able to share these images with you.  However, all of the images on this web site are protected by copyright (© Roger Spencer), and any use of these images, other than viewing on this web site, is forbidden.  If you wish to use any of these images (commercial, editorial, personal, etc.) please contact me and arrangements can be made.  Personal uses (home computer wallpaper, school projects, etc.) and non-profit organizations will usually be granted free usage -- I just like to know about it.


I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the influence of Arnout "Sonny" Hyde, Jr. (1937-2005) (, the preeminent West Virginia landscape photographer, whose images n Wonderful West Virginia magazine inspired me to capture "Images of the Landscape" on film and digital sensor.

Sonny Hyde served as inspiration, mentor, and friend to a whole generation of West Virginia landscape photographers.  As long as there are beautiful images of West Virginia being produced, Mr. Hyde's legacy lives on.  As co-founder, photographer, and long time editor of Wonderful West Virginia magazine, he loved the Mountain State and was dedicated to always presenting West Virginia in a positive light.

Even more significant than Sonny's professional accomplishments were his kindness, generosity, and humility, evidenced by the following anecdote.  He told me on several occasions how grateful he was to the West Virginia photographers who supported him and the magazine (Wonderful West Virginia), and that he could not have produced the magazine without our help.  The truth is that if not for Sonny's influence, many of us would not even be photographers.

West Virginia lost a true friend with his passing.

Please e-mail your comments and suggestions.  Your feedback is my reward for designing and publishing this web site.

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